Final Paper for Queer Media (MSCR 3700), Spring 2021


Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a 2019 romantic historical drama that follows the romance between Marianne, a painter, and Héloïse, her subject. Marianne is commissioned to paint Héloïse’s portrait as she is set to be to a nobleman in Milan. Opposed to both the marriage and sitting for portraits, Marianne must observe and paint Héloïse in secret, accompanying her on walks under the guise of being her companion. After a week, Marianne completes the portrait, but destroys it claiming that it did not capture Héloïse correctly. Marianne and…

The following is a piece I wrote for my Intro to Literary Studies course in Fall 2019 on the poet Claudia Rankine and her use of lyrical writing in Citizen: An American Lyric.

This essay was the winner of Northeastern University’s English Program’s Peter Burton Hanson Award for Scholarly Writing in March, 2020.

ENGL 1400 — Professor Patrick Mullen

Relatively new works of writing, whether they be poetry or prose, oftentimes do not align completely with what has been deemed standard. Recently published pieces may not always adhere to the precedents of a particular style or form of writing. Innovative…

The following is a paper written for my Queer Media on February 26, 2021.

MSCR 3700 — Dr. Kristopher Cannon

In 1962, an LP titled ‘For Adult Listeners Only: Sultry Stylings by a Most Unusual Vocalist’ was released under the label Edison International. The work, attributed to the artist Love Is a Drag, is a collection of twelve songs, each a cover of a popular jazz love song originally sung by a woman about a man. What makes the album historically important, especially in terms of LGBTQ representation, is the identity of the “unusual vocalist” referenced in its title: a…

The following is an op-ed style paper I wrote for my Media and Social Change class Spring 2020.

Special thanks to Amy Smith and James Gilbert for chatting with me on the topic, as well as to Professor Sean Leavey for his guidance during the project.

Just before I finished high school in May 2019, I discovered the band Destroy Boys. I can’t really remember if I was legitimately angry about anything specific (possibly motivated to, ahem, destroy boys) or simply full of post-high school/pre-college angst. There may have been some projecting going on when I immediately loved their song…

Sarah Lamodi

English and Linguistics student @ Northeastern U. Passionate about activism, music, film, and language.

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